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“I thought you would appreciate this place,” Done told her.

“It must cost a fortune! How did you ever find out about

He shrugged.

“Business,” he told her. “It’s a rather exclusive
organization, but it’s world-wide and caters to a corporate
budget. There are various degrees of service, of course, but the
theme is always on elegance. It’s your kind of place! How do you
like the help?”

“I’m waiting to see Panna,” she grinned. “I assume he’s the
male counterpart of that beautiful creature.”

“You’ll soon find out,” Don told her and slid around the hot
tub to sit beside her.

Under the water, she found his soft cock and squeezed it
slowly before she found his balls floating loosely in the hot
water. Without warning, he took her face between his hands and
kissed her deeply. Then he held her close to him and they sat
quietly with their arms around one another as the water
bubbled frantically.

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“My name is Tasulla, and I am from the island of Tatu, in
the Grenadines,” the girl said in sing-song island accent. “I am
to serve you tonight, and I will be helped by Panna. If you want
anything at all, simply call for either of us. We will never be
that far away. And now, enjoy your drinks. When you hear my bell,
it means I will be coming in in a few moments. I will tell you
when dinner is almost ready.”
As she stood up to leave, Connie saw her silhouetted against
the evening sky. Her buttocks were firm and round under the
sarong, and as she stepped away with a long, sensual sort of
movement, Connie saw the shadowy trace of her curly bush. Nor was
the girl’s lush sensuality wasted on Don, she noted. Under the
water, the foot slowly rubbed her cunt as they watched the round
globes of Tasulla’s behind disappear through the panel.

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They had just settled into the hot water when a panel Connie
had not noticed opened and a tall black girl entered. She was
wearing a bright sarong affair which was so diaphanous that, at
second glance, Connie could see she wore nothing beneath it. Her
halter was made of the same material and her small, hard breasts
peeked through impudently. She carried two fruit-laden drinks.

“Island punch,” she announced in a quiet voice.

As she knelt beside the hot tub, Connie caught the light
scent of her perfumed body, as well as a tinge of – something
else, very faint but most definitely there. Connie looked into
the girls deep brown eyes and caught a glimpse of amusement.
Under the frothing water, Don’s foot slipped between her thighs
and teased her as she brought the frosty drink to her lips.

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Connie rushed home to shower and change before Don arrived.
She hated to admit it, but she was as nervous as she had been
before her first date in high school. Of course, that evening had
been a movie and an ice cream on the way home. The big event was
a kiss in front of her door. With Don, she wondered where it
would lead! All she knew was that she was terribly excited and
could not wait to see him. Don arrived promptly and kissed her lightly as he ushered
her to his car. He would not tell her where they were going, but
headed out of the city and up the coast. When he pulled into the
long drive that wound up to the Castle Amboy, Connie turned to
him in shock. The Castle Amboy was notoriously expensive, had its
own airstrip and catered to a very exclusive clientele.

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Allen proved to be more steadfast than Carolyn suspected he
could be, and she began to suspect he had other interests to keep
him on the straight and narrow. She considered going to a
singles place to see if she could get lucky, but decided against
it. At the last moment, she dressed and went to a movie that
advertised two “Thumbs Up” from Siskel and Ebert. It was a
mystery thriller and she enjoyed it thoroughly. It was not until
she had left the theater on her way home that she realized she
had not thought of Connie for hours. In bed, however, the light
haired woman captured her thoughts as her fingers brought her to
shivering climaxes before sleep and she slept soundly until


“Tomorrow night we’ll see what strange things happen!”

“It’s going to be like forever. Especially with you and Don
together tonight.”

“Please, Carolyn. Don’t be the jealous type – especially
about men. I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

“Who me? Not a chance. I’m just thinking that you’ll be get-
ting a good shot of what I want while all I’ll have is my trusty
vibrator and the TV Guide! If you need company, Honey, give me a
call!” Carolyn assured her.

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Need another drink

“Tomorrow, then. Come to my place after work for dinner.
Bring your toothbrush, if you want,” Carolyn added coyly.

“All right,” Connie agreed, her breath beginning to shorten
for some reason. The pact the two women were making was
surprisingly exciting for her, as she could see it was for
“I feel like a schoolgirl,” she laughed, trying to break the
tension building in her.

Carolyn grinned.

“I need another drink,” she said. “You do strange things to

Now it was Connie’s turn to laugh.

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Get together again

“Oh my!” Carolyn teased. “Don’t tell me that rascal has
gotten to your backdoor!”

Connie blushed and looked away. Carolyn reached out and put
her hand on the other woman’s arm.

“I didn’t mean anything, Connie. I mean, I’ve done it a
couple of times, too. It just hurts too much for me to enjoy a
whole lot, and Don’s so big!”

“He’s not so bad,” Connie told her with a shy smile. “But
it’s not something I’d like for a steady diet.”

“Are you busy tonight?” Carolyn asked.

“Actually, I am. Don’s taking me to dinner. Believe it or
not, it’s our first date. But maybe we could get together
tomorrow or the next evening.”

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One on one

She met Connie at lunch and after some small talk, she told
her what she was planning. Connie listened intently as Carolyn

“I thought you were just interested in the two of us,” she
said at last. “I didn’t realize you were interested in a

Carolyn looked down at the tabletop and then directly at

“That hasn’t changed,” she told her. “I still want it with
you one on one. How about you?”

“I’d like that, I think,” Connie replied softly. “And the
other sounds good too. I’d like to see Don in action with another
guy and see how he likes…”

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She came as he was flooding her mouth with come, and she
kept on coming as he dropped the feather and fingered her
sensitive pussy. He knew just how to make her come, all right.
She remembered the feel of his lips on her clitoris as she
concentrated on her growing orgasm. Looking down at her crotch,
she imagined his head their, but the picture became the light
blonde hair and the mouth became Connie’s as Carolyn began to

She went to her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed to
slip on her pantyhose. She would probably be seeing Don today,
and she wondered how he would react to her after the night the
three of them spent together. She also wondered how he would
react if he knew she planned to meet Connie on her own. She had a
feeling he would not care. It was Don, she knew, who had set her
up to see Connie watching them. She smiled as she pulled a soft
sweater over her braless tits and wondered if Don was as bi- as
his women. She suspected that perhaps he was and a plan began to
form in the back of her mind.

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He had tied her to the bed that night, and tickled her
continuously with a long feather. AT first it had tickled only a
bit, but then the sensation began to build. He had not let up,
but continued to run the long feather over her most sensitive
parts as she squealed and twisted on the bed. When she was almost
ready to explode, he stopped and climbed up on the bed to thrust
his cock into her mouth. As she sucked him, he reached back and
continued rubbing the feather up the inside of her thighs and
across her inflamed pussy.

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Carolyn stepped from the shower and rubbed herself briskly
with a large towel. She loved the feeling of the soft material
brushing over her skin and continued rubbing long after she was
dry. Her breasts tingled with the excitement of the towel and her
nipples stood erect and sensitive. She licked her fingers and
teased one while she continued to towel her crotch with the other
Damn Alan, she swore to herself.
She had dated him for almost a year, and the two of them had
experienced a complete panacea of pleasure together. Eventually,
though, he had become serious and possessive, constantly talking
about getting married and settling down. She was not ready for
that, and knew that a marriage would end in disaster. He would
not listen, though, and finally broke off their relationship. She
closed her eyes and remembered one of their last times together
as the towel slipped away and she continued rubbing her clitoris.

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Night between sheets

Ever since then, she had kept sex in perspective and took
care not to confuse a good lay with moonlight and roses. Don had
fallen into the first category but, Connie’s defenses were
falling slowly but surely. As much as she wanted to regard him as
nothing more than a hot night between the sheets, she sensed a
special chemistry that raised danger signals. But she ignored
them and continued increasing her involvement with him. Neither
of them asked anything of the other, but Connie was ready to
restrict her love life to him and him alone, were he to ask. But,
she knew, he would never ask – and she was happier for it. There
were still a thousand Carolyns in the world and as many Raymonds,
Phillips and, perhaps, even one or two more Dons.

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When they returned from their trip, Connie invited her lover
to a motel for a threesome with her aunt. The two women stripped
him and tied him to the bed, one eating him while he ate the
other. They made him come repeatedly until his chest and stomach
was covered with sperm. Then they dressed and left him, tied
spread-eagle on the bed. Just before they walked out, Connie
called his wife and told her where to find her husband. She was
never proud of herself for doing it, but she felt it restored her
self-respect. If he had been honest, she knew, she would have
never been so hurt. Carlie laughed for three weeks.

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It had been Carlie who had brought her back to the land of
the living by insisting she find a new lover immediately and
forget about moonlight and roses. Together, the two women went to
Mexico for a weekend to spend among the gigolos until they were
both fully satiated. At one point, they ran out of men, and
Carlie jokingly suggested they improvise with one another. When
Connie jokingly agreed, Carlie produced a vibrator and jokingly
began using it on herself. By the time they were done joking,
they had jokingly eaten one another and used up the batteries in
the vibrator. Connie, somewhere along the line, confessed her
affair with Cathy and Carlie confessed more affairs than she
could remember.

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